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Rex and Donna


Fine Art


Our philosophies and backgrounds


Yes, we're marrried--but that's not our philosophy of art, although it helps define our art.  We believe that art reflects our vision of life.  It's wondrous and mystical beauty.  The colors we experience are the reflection of our view of life and art. It is the celebration of our lives, individually and together.


 But we see art as more than just the reflection we see.  Art is life, itself.  It is an integral part of the human experience.  Art not only reflects the lives we live, but what life is as the viewer sees it. 


Both Rex and Donna draw from the visual artistry that is Florida in order to create their works.Donna's art is fantasy inspired by Florida, as seen through the eyes of a native Floridian.  Rex's art is more realistic.  View his plein aire paintings and you get the feeling of what Florida has been and is.  But then when viewing his abstracts  you see the visual feeling of his Florida.  


We are primarily self taught.  However, we did attend courses at the Ringling School of Art and the University of South Florida.  Rex has had drawings in several shows and has won Honorable Mention and Third Place in the Anna Stair Competition.  


Our paintings are in private and public collections.  Donna holds the distinction of being included in the Blumenthal Foundation Wildacres Collection.






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